Park 16 Apartment Fire

Park 16 Apartment Fire

This evening, fire broke out in the “Park 16” apartments being built at 16th and Broadway Avenue in Indianapolis, a few blocks from our house. We ran up the street to take photos, and were able to get remarkably close.

The Park 16 Apartment complex (formerly called Caravelle Commons) was controversial – the subsidized housing that had been at that location was poorly-managed for many years. When the state and federal government allocated money to tear down the old housing and build shiny new apartments, there were lots of neighbors (including me) who were concerned about the density and size of the replacement buildings, which were much larger than the surrounding area. There were also, unfortunately, several Tea Baggers amongst our neighbors who were very vocal in opposing the project because the residents are black and of lower income.

I was very worried when the fire happened that perhaps it had been set deliberately, but after investigation it was apparently an accident.

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