Fake S.W.A.T. Van and Other Weird Stuff I See Driving To Work

I drive north on college from downtown everyday on the way to work on the north side. And every day I pass this cool fake S.W.A.T. van (which appears to be an old delivery van repainted) that’s usually parked on the street near the intersection of 49th Street and College Avenue. And everyday, I think, “That’s cool. I wish I could drive around in a fake S.W.A.T. van.”

fake S.W.A.T. van
Fake S.W.A.T. van

So the other day I pulled over, hopped out and took a picture of the van. When I got up close to it, I realized that the S.W.A.T. stands for “Siding With A Twist” which is written in small letters on the door. It also has a for sale number on it, but I wasn’t sure whether the “for sale” referred to the siding or the van itself. If it’s the van, then I guess I could drive around in a fake S.W.A.T. van. Which I have no use for whatsoever, but wouldn’t it be cool?

fake S.W.A.T. van
Close up of door

Tonka Truck Hummer

I’d seen this truck in the summer but didn’t manage to get a picture, so when I saw it today parked in Broad Ripple, I turned my truck around and drove back to get a photo. I plan on getting a radio flyer logo decal to put on my red pick-up, and this was the first other vehicle I’ve seen with a similar idea.
Tonka Truck Hummer

Weird Art Car

I happened to catch sight of this bizarre do-it-yourself truck in a parking lot. I thought it, too, was very cool. I waited around to try and meet the owner, but they never came out of the store.
Weird Art Car

I especially like the scrollwork on the sides of the bed, and the squirrel stands on the back windows. That’s some funky stuff, there.
Weird Art Car

My friend Lisa from North Carolina has lots of friends who have turned their cars into “Art Cars” and she’s planning to do the same with her old VW van; she’s going to make a giant high-heel shoe.
Weird Art Car

Bumper-sticker Madness

I happen to see these two cars regularly on the way to work; I’m usually driving behind them. I love a good bumpersticker, but I don’t think I’d ever apply one directly on the paint of my car, like both these guys did, with new cars, too.

Bumper madness truck
This guy in the truck was really unhappy about the election.

bumper madness beetle
Where this guy is just really into his music.

The Ubiquitous “shoes on a electric wire” photo

Dunno what makes people want to do this, but it seems to be a time-honored tradition.
shoes on a wire

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